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Next-day delivery has been a revolution in the logistics industry. It boosted customer satisfaction and increased the sales figures of companies offering this delivery system for their products. The next-day delivery and same-day delivery idea was first introduced by Amazon, the Washington-based e-Commerce giant.


The concept of delivering on the following day can be traced back to when Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO, announced the launch of Amazon Prime in 2005. At the time Prime was rolled out, this premium delivery service promised customers two-day delivery. First introduced in the U.S., this system took the e-Commerce sector by storm. Amazon soon launched the service worldwide. A few years later, the e-Commerce giant rolled out free next-day delivery service to most of the territories it was serving.

What is next-day delivery?

As the name suggests, e-Commerce shoppers get an option on next-day delivery which means that they will receive their order the next day after placing the order. Many online stores in India have started this quick delivery system to compete with online stores like Flipkart and Amazon.

Usually, e-Commerce stores take extra charges for next day delivery service. However, membership subscriptions to e-Commerce stores, for e.g., programs like Flipkart Assured give its customers free next day delivery and sometimes even free same day delivery depending on the products they order.

Importance of next-day delivery

Major third-party logistics (3PL) service providers now offer businesses next-day delivery and same-day delivery services. Once companies opt for logistics outsourcing, they can sign up with fastest courier services in India to enable next-day delivery for their customers.

One-day delivery or 48-hour delivery is opted by customers who want a package delivered fast. As a part of next day delivery, online brands and logistics services offer a range of delivery options, including morning, afternoon, and evening deliveries. They also have options for delivery to a specific address or a nearby pickup location.

Benefits of one-day delivery

Companies who have opted to provide their customers with next-day delivery service in India enjoy multiple benefits:

  • Increased customer satisfaction through logistics efficiency
  • Automatically prompts customers to buy products as they receive products faster
  • Increased sales as more customers are choosing same-day or one-day delivery services
  • Keep up with the competition
  • The number of repeat customers increases, and it is more likely that they turn into loyal customers
  • Reduced inventory and warehouse logistics costs
  • Customers know what day their product is getting delivered unlike companies with delivery option of 2-7 business days

Next-day delivery for B2C, B2B and D2C businesses

B2C businesses that offer next-day delivery are mostly e-Commerce/online stores. Since the onset of COVID-19, many physical stores have shifted to virtual mode of selling. To keep up with the competition and attract more customers, these stores have signed up with logistics service providers who offer next day delivery courier service in India.

D2C brands rely on direct relationships with customers, therefore customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to these businesses. When it comes to prompt delivery these brands thrive on identifying fast-moving SKUs (Stock Keeping Units) and stocking them in warehouses within the city, close to the end consumer.

As eCommerce companies bolstered their fulfillment framework with the advent of fast delivery services, B2B brands also picked up on the trend. Now business buyers are also demanding next-day delivery services.

For example, an automotive manufacturer will need automotive parts to repair cars that have come to their service centres. Sometimes these parts might be out of stock at the repair centre. In these cases, customers expect their cars to be returned to them within a few days. To provide faster service to their customers, automotive companies should opt for quick one-day delivery models.

Should companies opt for next-day delivery?

Since the time next day delivery has been introduced in India, customers prefer to take advantage of this method of delivery. Especially, FMCG products ordered online indicate higher demand for next-day delivery services. If an online store doesn’t provide this option, chances are that customers will go to a store that offers the service.

This means that you are losing potential leads and even your loyal customers might switch brands. To increase customer satisfaction and gain a greater market share, next-day and even same-day delivery has become crucial for businesses.

Signing up with logistics providers can help businesses offer faster shipping and delivery. These logistics companies provide delivery tracking features as well, increasing supply chain visibility for businesses as well as customers.

Subscribing to logistics platforms like Tata nexarc’s Logistics can help you select the top logistics service providers that have access to a large delivery network including both urban and rural markets. You can take advantage of this network to improve the reach of your products and deliver them faster at reasonable rates.


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