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Shipping bill is mandated by the Shipping Bill and Bill of Export (Forms) Regulations, 2019. This document must be submitted by the exporter to the customs officer before exporting goods via land or sea to legally export goods.


The shipping bill format that was followed traditionally was prescribed under the Shipping Bill and Bill of Export (Forms) regulations, 2017. However, a notification dated 25th March 2019, made certain amendments to the form thereby making changes to the format of the bill.

What is a shipping bill?

Shipping bill is a document submitted electronically to the Central Board of Excise and Customs before exporting products. This bill is then printed out and shown to the customs officer before loading the goods onto the vehicle/vessel carrying your goods. This bill provides the clearance for export.

A shipping bill for export can be filed either digitally on ICEGATE or at the Customs House by availing the services of the Customs Service Centers.

What is ICEGATE?
Indian Customs Electronic Data Interchange Gateway (ICEGATE) is the national portal of Indian Customs of Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBIC) that provides e-filing services to the Trade, Cargo Carriers and other Trading Partners electronically.

Shipping bill forms

“A shipping bill is to be presented by an exporter of goods in Form SB I or Form SB II,” according to CBIC. SB I is to be filed for goods incurring export duty and SB II is to be filed for goods that are duty free. The bill can be filed both offline and online.

Here are a few details to be filled in on the bill:

  • Exporter name and address
  • Vessel/Flight no
  • Invoice value
  • Nature of payment
  • Nature of cargo
  • Number and types of packages
  • Description of goods
  • Export duty
  • IGST details

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How to generate shipping bill offline?

This process involves printing out the Form SB I or SB II according to the nature of your shipment and filling it. Once the form is filled, gather the documents as mentioned in the form. Before the shipment is loaded on to the vehicle for transport, the form along with the documents must be presented to the customs officer stationed at the location of export.

How to generate the bill online?

To file the bill online you must first register to the ICEGATE platform. Once you register and login to the platform follow these steps to generate the bill online:

  • Register the exporter/Customs House Agents (CHA) with the ICEGATE system using the IE code, AD code, and/or CHA Licence number.
  • Submit the bill in the prescribed format at the customs service centers, along with copies of required documents.
  • Verify the checklist that is generated upon submission with the help of the exporter or the CHA.
  • Submit the verified checklist online with the help of the service center operator. The exporter or the CHA must retain a printed copy of the checklist along with the bill number endorsed on it.

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Documents required for submission of the bill

Given below are the documents required to be submitted along with the bill:

  • Invoice
  • Packing list
  • Export license
  • Indent
  • Acceptance of contract
  • Letter of credit
  • QC certificate
  • Port trust document

Once you file the bill the status of the application can be checked on the ICEGATE platform. You can also contact the service center for the status and also resolve any queries associated with the shipment.

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