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Transit insurance or inland transit insurance is an insurance policy taken to cover damages to the goods in transit. This insurance policy can be easily purchased online from different insurance companies and leading private banks. Transit insurance policy online will help you easily purchase a policy by submitting the application form and all the documents required digitally making the process swift and hassle free.


The term transit insurance is strictly in reference to goods transported over land including transport of goods via automobile, rail, air, or ferries in connection with road transport. This means that other types of transport, for instance, transportation by ocean marine vessels and planes does not come under the ambit of this insurance policy.

Road transit insurance covers the damages that happen during the following situations:

  • Goods transportation by roadways and railways
  • Packing and unpacking
  • Warehousing and storage
  • Loading, unloading and materials handling
  • Unforeseen circumstances that can affect the transport of goods such as natural calamities, fire, road accidents, etc.


Types of transit insurance

Road transport insurance can be purchased by all types of people involved in the logistics chain such as the owner of the goods in transit or the company hired to transport the goods. Some financial institutions offer insurance products that can insure a single trip, for instance, when ordering a valuable piece of machinery for your business.

Given below are the different types of transit insurance policy online:

  • Open transit insurance

This insurance policy covers multiple shipments within the policy period. It will cover all the shipping damages that happens to any of your goods in transit across all your shipments during the policy period. It is most favourable for shippers that carry out transits regularly.

  • Single transit insurance

As mentioned before, this insurance policy is provided for single transit only. Therefore, the policy coverage ends as soon as goods reach their destination. This is the best suited for companies that carry out transits occasionally.

  • Third party transit policy

When you outsource your logistics operations to third-party logistics services, the logistics company will deliver the goods in their vehicle to your customers. This insurance policy covers damages to goods while in transit on a logistics truck of a 3PL logistics service that you have hired.

  • Multiple vehicle transport insurance policy

Companies sometimes use multiple vehicles to carry a single shipment from one place to another. Big trucks are used to pick big shipments to be transported through highways which are then transferred to smaller pickup trucks for delivery to the end consumer. IN this case, the entire shipment is covered by a multi vehicle transit insurance coverage.

  • Customised transit insurance

A customised transit insurance plan allows transporters to customise the insurance policy as per their requirements. Companies who send different products across different destinations can benefit from customised transit policy. This insurance policy can be customised as per type of goods, location, value, vehicle type and more.


How to buy a transit insurance policy online?

Many financial institutions offer various transit insurance policies featuring different policy benefits. Given below are some of the popular transit insurance policy online:

  • ICICI Lombard – Marine transit insurance – All the modes of transportation namely, air, water, rail and road are covered under this policy (also read about ICICI small business loans)
  • Policy Bazaar – Transit insurance (Offers online insurance policies from insurance companies including Bajaj Allianz, Digit, National Insurance, etc.)
  • Probus – Transit insurance policy
  • SecureNow – Transit insurance policy (Covers cargo in transit via air, sea, rail and road)


To buy a transit insurance go to the website of an insurance company and search for inland transport insurance. A simple search on Google can also get you results for transit insurance online in India. There will be a link on every website that directs you to an insurance application form which will have to be filled and submitted.

Compare policy terms and premium cost before you purchase any policy. Insurance premium to be paid after purchasing the policy depends on the goods being transported and the risk the policyholder is bearing during that policy term..

How to claim transit insurance coverage?

To claim transit insurance online, you must fill in the claim form and submit the relevant documentation. Claim form will be available on the website of the company you have taken the policy from. Logging in to the website and navigating to the dashboard will take you to the claim form.

Here are the documents required for road transport insurance that must be submitted along with the claim form:

  • Invoice of the goods in original
  • Survey report
  • Bill of Lading
  • Shipping details
  • Copies of correspondence between carriers
  • e-Way bill
  • Any other documents as required by the insurance company

A road transport insurance policy is suitable for businesses involved in regular transportation of goods. The policy can be bought by the following types of entities:

Before buying a policy, it is important to be clear about what the policy includes and whether it matches with the risks involved while transporting the goods. To gain more clarity on policy terms, ask your insurer about the breakdown of the policy. This will ensure you have taken the right type of cover. Knowing the exact cost of premium is also important as it is included in the overall transportation cost of commodities.


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