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Supply chain management become a dynamic landscape and obtaining a logistics certification nowadays become an important step for professionals who want to excel in their fields. The transportation, distribution and logistics certification is provided by APICS in India which has expertise in this realm. APICS stands for the Association for Supply Chain Management, and now it is part of ASCM known as, the Association for Supply Chain Management. It offers the CLTD certification globally (including in India). And maintains the same standards and curriculum as APICS CLTD.


Let’s move ahead and explore more about the key logitics certification providers in India, the benefits of being CLTD, how it can help in increasing your career opportunities and what is logistics certification application process.

The landscape of logistics certification in India

In India the logistics sector has witnessed unprecedented growth in the last decade, providing professionals insight for skills enhancement to stay competitive. In this journey, the logistics certification programmes provided by CILT and APICS play an important role.

Key logistics certification providers


In providing certification in the supply chain this body is a global leader and provides CLTD certification. The topics covered in this program comprise distribution, logistics management and transportation strategies. Thus, it focuses on enhancing the skills and knowledge of professionals in the fields of logistics, transportation, and distribution.

  • CILT India

The full form of CLIT is the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport, India. And it provides certification programmes in different aspects of the logistics landscape, along with providing individuals equipped with the right knowledge for the navigation of supply chain complexities.

  • CLI-SCMPro

It is also referred to as the Logistics Sector Skill Council. CLT-SCMPro stands for Certified Logistics and Inventory Management – Supply Chain Management Professional. Typically, this certification is offered by various institutes or organisations in India. It focuses on logistics, management, inventory, and broader supply chain management principles. Also, the key objective of this certification is to equip professionals with the skills and knowledge necessary for effective management and optimisation of supply chains. Thereby, emphasising aspects such as logistics and inventory control. Apart from this, it is also one of the major bodies providing certification in the Indian logistics landscape.

Logistics certification benefits

Here are some of the benefits of having a logistics certification:

  1. Advancement in career: Logistics certification serves as a testament to the proficiency and commitment of the individual in the logistics landscape, helping them to have a leadership role in the industry. It opens the door to a variety of career opportunities.
  2. Recognition at a global level: Having certification from the key certified bodies that are recognised globally provides the individual with the credential that is valued irrespective of geographical boundaries and resonates with the standards of the respective logistics industry.
  3. Enhancement of skills: The logistics certification programmes could be in different aspects of supply chain management and therefore provide individuals with a comprehensive understanding of transportation, distribution and logistics.

Procedure for logistics certification in India

Here’s a general procedure to get a logistics certification in India:

  • The first step is to enroll in a Logistics and Supply Chain Management Training course. These courses offer comprehensive knowledge of various fields of logistics and supply chain including, warehousing, operations, inventory management, etc. Also, they equip individuals professionally and ensure accurate delivery of products and services. They help improve order completion, reduce delivery errors, provide better customer service and so on​​.
  • You have to take the training after that. Usually, the training is conducted in two formats, which include, live online instructor-led and in-classroom sessions. The courses offered under this training are intensive and for all the major cities in India. Apart from this, they typically last around two days and are designed by subject matter experts. They even involve mock tests for better preparation​​.
  • There are no specific eligibility criteria to enroll in these courses. All individuals who want to start their careers in supply chain management and working professionals are eligible for the training. These include professionals like supply chain managers, procurement officers, logistics heads, etc​​.
  • After completing the training, all the eligible candidates need to take the Logistics and Supply Chain Management Exam. Typically, it consists of 50 multiple-choice questions, with a passing score of 70%. This logistics certification online exam is of 90 minutes and the cost of the exam is usually included in the training fees​​.
  • Once you pass the exam, you become a Certified Logistics and Supply Chain Management Professional. Certification confirms your expertise in the field and is recognized across various industries. Certified professionals can expect greater earnings and are often considered for higher responsibilities within their organisations.

Logistics certification- way to advance career

The logistics sector is evolving and will continue to evolve. This provides professionals with logistics certifications to find themselves at the forefront position of efficiency and innovation in the industry. For a person already having a foothold in logistics or a person who is just a beginner, having logistics certification will always act as a strategic investment in the success and professional development for career growth.

The journey of logistic certification is a transformative experience for professionals that propels them into a realm of different and limitless possibilities within the supply chain and longest domain. The certification will guide them in pursuing excellence in supply chain management.

In conclusion, providing certification in transportation, logistics and distribution requires careful dedication, planning and a strong commitment to long-term learning. In India, particularly, the logistics sector is impressed with new opportunities along with challenges, the tool of certification could prove to be essential to set up your credentials and pathway towards excellence in the process of supply chain management.

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