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    Tata Steel is taking several steps towards sustainability. Continuing this effort, Tata Steel has become the first Indian steel company to import cargo on a bulk carrier that uses LNG as fuel. On 24th July 2023, a cape-sized LNG fueled vessel named MV Ubuntu Unity berthed at Dharma Port, Odisha. It unloaded 1,65,700 metric tons of coal imported by Tata Steel.

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    Key highlights

    • MV Ubuntu loaded 1,65,700 metric tons of coal from Gladstone Port, Australia on 1st July 2023.
    • The vessel used LNG during its ballast leg i.e. Tianjin to Gladstone
    • It used a mix of LNG and traditional fuel during its laden leg i.e. Gladstone port to Dhamra port.
    • The carbon emission recorded for this journey is about ~1800 tons lesser than traditional Baltic specification cape vessels. In other words, the carbon emission was about 35% lesser than conventionally fueled vessels.

    Is LNG a green fuel?

    LNG is considered a cleaner fuel as compared to traditional heavy oil used for bulk ships. Moreover, it is considered as a transitional fuel in the journey of zero carbon emissions. It is capable of reducing carbon emissions considerably.

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    Way forward

    Tata Steel plans to continue importing coal from such LNG vessels. In fact, Tata Steel plans to import ~1 million tons in FY 24.

    Considering the company’s determination, Dharma Port has extended special privileges for LNG-fueled vessels.

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    Other sustainability efforts: Tata Steel

    Steel is considered to be one of the most polluting industries in the world. As a result, several efforts are being taken to curb the carbon emission through steel making and transport. EU’s carbon tax rule is one such effort where the steelmakers will be taxed on the basis of the carbon emitted during the production of steel.

    Considering the importance of curbing the carbon emission, each steel maker is taking various steps towards sustainability. Tata Steel is one of the leading companies to initiate its journey towards green steel manufacturing and supply chain. Here are Tata Steel’s efforts towards the sustainability.

    • Tata Steel plans to achieve Net Zero Carbon by 2045
    • The company plans to go Net Zero Water by 2030.

    Swati Deshpande

    Swati is a passionate content writer with more than 10 years of experience crafting content for the business and manufacturing sectors, and helping MSMEs (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) navigate complexities in steel procurement, and business services. Her clear and informative writing empowers MSMEs to make informed decisions and thrive in the competitive landscape.