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Do you know what an ECN number is? Do you know you may need your ECN number to obtain your CIBIL credit report? Here is more about the ECN number and how you obtain it.

What is an ECN number?

The full form of ECN is the enquiry control number, and it is also known as the control number. The ECN number is a unique number assigned by CIBIL to every credit report. It is a nine-digit number that Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited (CIBIL) identifies each credit report. It is an essential part of the CIBIL credit report. With the help of the ECN number, lenders are able to locate your credit report and credit history.

Highlights of ECN number

  • The full form of ECN is the Enquiry Control Number.
  • It is a 9-digit number assigned by CIBIL to each credit report.
  • ECN number allows CIBIL to differentiate each report.

How to obtain an ECN number?

There are a few days to get an ECN number. You can either get it from your lending institution or you can directly ask CIBIL to provide you with the ECN number.

Process of obtaining an ECN from CIBIL’s: through a helpline number

If you have already registered on CIBIL’s website and are a member, you can easily get your ECN number by calling CIBIL’s helpline. The helpline number of CIBIL is 1800224 245.

Process of obtaining an ECN from CIBIL’s website

If you plan to get an ECN number by logging into CIBIL’s website, here are the steps:

  • Visit CIBIL’s website to log in.
  • Click on Member login.
  • Log in with your credentials.
  • Once you see the dashboard, access your CIBIL credit report.
  • You can find the ECN number on the right top corner of the page.

If you have not registered on the CIBIL’s website, we have a step-by-step guide for you to register and long on the CIBIL website. Meanwhile, here is a quick guide to do so:

Step 1: Visit the official website of CIBIL and Subscribe now.

Step 2: The login page will appear. Click on ‘Register now’.

Step 3: Now, you need to select your plan. CIBIL offers three plans – Monthly, 6 months and 12 months. Choose the plan that suits you the best.

Step 4: Fill in the form and click on ‘Accept and continue’.

Step 5: You will receive an OTP on your mobile number. Enter the OTP and click on ‘Continue’.

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Step 6: Complete the verification process and you will be registered on the website.

In order to get an ECN number, you will not require a long-term CIBIL subscription. You can choose a monthly plan. The fee for the monthly plan is ₹550.

Process of getting the ECN number from the lender

If you directly ask your lending bank or NBFC to provide you with the ECN number, they may not do so.

Under the Credit Information Regulation Act 2007, it is your right to obtain an ECN number from the lender. However, it is a confidential number for the lender. Hence, you may have to formally request for the same. Here is how you can obtain it from your existing lender.

  • Call your existing lender (bank/NBFC). You can also visit the nearest branch.
  • Ask how the process of obtaining your ECN number.
  • You may have to formally apply for the same.
  • Learn the formal process of obtaining it.

Note: Process of obtaining an ENC number can be vary.

Three ways of getting your ECN number

  • From your current lending institution
  • By calling the CIBIL helpline
  • By obtaining the CIBIL credit report

Purpose of ECN number

There are 3 main purposes of ECN number.

  • It helps CIBIL to maintain reports in an organised manner.
  • The ECN number helps lenders get the necessary information from CIBIL
  • The ECN number allows CIBIL to keep a record of credit history as well as enquiries made in a secured way.

Importance of ECN number

  • With the help of an ECN number, you can know your credit score and credit report.
  • You can determine where you stand and if your credit score needs any improvement.
  • When you have your credit report, you will be able to identify the reason behind your low CIBIL score. Once you know the reason, you can correct mistakes and build a robust credit history. This can also help you improve your credit score.


While obtaining any loan, a credit report plays an important role in indicating your creditworthiness. It is best to understand to obtain your ECN number and know your credit report beforehand. Low credit scores might lead to loan rejections.

Frequently asked questions

What is an ECN number?

ECN number is a unique number is assigned by CIBIL for each borrower and it is mentioned on the CIBIL report.

How do I find my ECN number?

There are three ways to find your ECN number.
  1. Call the CIBIK helpline number i.e. 1800224 245
  2. Log in to the CIBIL website and get your CIBIL report. The ECN number is mentioned on the CIBIL report.
  3. Contact your lending institute and ask for your ECN number.

Can two borrowers have the same ECN number?

No. ECN is a unique number. CIBIL does not assign the same number to two different borrowers. Therefore, two borrowers will not have the same number.

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