A GST calculator allows you to calculate the GST amount you will have to pay in a month/quarter based on the GST slabs, place of supply, type of GST, sale amount, etc. 

Types of GST: Integrated GST, Central GST,  State GST,  Union Territory GST *This helps to determine whether GST is collected by Central, State or UT governments

GST slabs: 5%, 12%, 18%, 28% *GST is calculated based on goods/services category and the slab it falls under

GST calculation formula: GST = GST% x (Value of goods/services) *For intra-state transactions, CGST + SGST is payable where total GST is split between the State and Centre

GST calculation example: GST = 18% x 10,000 = ₹1,800 Total invoice amount = ₹10,000 + ₹1,800 = ₹11,800

*where 18% is the GST on steel and ₹10,000 is the original value of goods

Online GST calculator An online tool, in-built with the GST formula, for easy, quick, accurate GST calculation. 

How to use GST calculator online? -Select GST exclusive/inclusive option -Enter GST% as per slab -Enter value of goods -Click ‘Calculate’ for results

*Sample only for reference

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