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Do you know what MSME Sambandh is? Did you think it is a scheme for MSMEs? It is not. MSME Sambandh is an initiative by the government of India to monitor whether the public procurement policy is rightly followed by its departments and ministries. This article will explain what MSME Sambandh is and how it is useful for MSMEs.

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Background of MSME Sambandh

Before explaining what MSME Sambandh is, it is important to understand the background. The government of India launched the Public Procurement Policy in 2012. This policy was launched to encourage MSMEs in the country. Under the policy, every public sector undertaking (PSU) and department needs to follow a set of guidelines while procuring goods and services. For example, every central ministry, department and PSU is mandated to procure 25% of their annual procurement through eTendering from micro and small enterprises (MSE). There are similar mandates on procurement from women-led enterprises and SC-ST community lead organisations.

When the Public Procurement Policy was launched there was no monitoring mechanism if the departments and PSUs are following the guidelines. In order to ensure that this policy is followed MSME Sambandh was launched in 2017.

What is MSME Sambnadh?

As mentioned earlier MSME Sambandh portal ( is a monitoring mechanism for the Public Procurement Policy. It publicly releases all the data from central public sector enterprises (CPSE) and departments, etc., about procurement. For better understanding, the MSME Sambandh portal is available in two languages i.e. English and Hindi.

Currently, the home page of MSME Sambandh suggests that a total amount of procurement worth ₹1580.83 crore is done from MSEs (including SC/ST owned MSEs) in 2023-24 due to which 5252 MSEs benefited. Purchases worth ₹31.75 crore were made from SC/ST owned MSEs in the same financial year while procurement worth ₹50.09 was made from women led MSEs where 247 women led MSEs benefitted. This number is updated regularly by CPSE officers on the portal.

If looked at the financial year 2022-23, the total procurement from 144 CPSEs was reported to be ₹1,72,609.88 crore out of which ₹61,646 crore was done from MSEs (including SC/ST owned MSEs). Total of 2,23,308 MSEs benefitted in the said year.

Here is an overview of the procurement from CPSEs and government departments in 2022-23.

Total procurement done by 144 CPSEs ₹172609.88 crore
Procurement done from MSEs including SC/ST done ₹61,646 crore (223308 MSEs benefitted)
Procurement done from MSEs SC/ST owned enterprises ₹1,446 crore (9885 SC/ST owned MSEs benefitted)
Procurement from women led MSEs ₹2066.99 crore (13881 MSEs benefitted)

Source: MSME Sambandh portal

What else can you find on MSME Sambandh?

As mentioned above the MSME Sambandh portal is only developed to seek data related to the procurement deny by various government departments and ministries. Therefore, one will be able to find factsheets on the portal:

  • Ministry wise procurement
  • Department wise procurement
  • CPSE wise procurement
  • CPSE wise annual data
  • CPSE wise monthly data
  • Fully compliant CPSEs
  • Percentage procurement analysis
  • Support and outreach dashboard
  • CPSE monthly data updates log
  • CPSE monthly data monitoring

Purpose of MSME Sambandh

The MSME Sambandh portal was launched to disseminate information on procurement done by various government departments, ministries and PSUs. It enables bring transparency while MSEs can get an overview of government departments’ and PSU’s compliance to the Public Procurement Policy.

Another purpose it MSEs can access information regarding kinds of products sourced from micro and small companies. The portal displays information about a list of products sourced by CPSEs from various MSEs.

Concluding note:  Using the MSME Sambandh portal

The MSME Sambandh portal has factsheets and data about the procurement done by CPSEs and ministries. It offers you information on what kinds of needs the government departments have. Also, it reveals what kinds of goods and services are procured from MSEs. As a result, it helps you to participate in the tendering process.

Frequently asked questions about MSME Sambandh

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about MSME Sambandh.

Is MSME Sambandh a scheme?

No. MSME Sambandh is not a scheme but a portal that disseminates information on procurement done CPSEs and ministries from MSEs. It includes factsheets and lists about procurement.

How to login to the MSME Sambandh portal?

MSMEs can neither register nor log in to the MSME Sambandh portal. The facility of registration and log in on the MSME Sambandh portal is only available for concerned government officials. This is to facilitate the officers to share data related to procurement done by their ministry/department.  

What is the main purpose of MSME Sambandh?

The main purpose of MSME Sambandh is to monitor CPSEs and ministries procurement system. The portal is established to monitor and understand if the public procurement policy is followed. Alternatively, it offers data to new businesses about the kind of goods and services CPSEs and ministries procure from MSEs.

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