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Dealership businesses are business establishments that are authorised to sell products produced by a manufacturer. For example, you can spot numerous automobile dealerships across the country. Prerana Motors, Popular Autoworks, etc., are famous car dealerships in India. There are many successful dealership business ideas that new entrepreneurs can explore.

Grow Your Business

Buying into a dealership is a great way to step into the business world. Not only do you have the advantage of an established product or service line, but you also get help setting up your dealership and marketing your new business.

6 best dealership business ideas

There are many businesses offering dealerships in India. Have a look at the profitable business ideas that have potential in the current market conditions in India:

Solar panel

The number of business and homeowners that are investing in solar panels has drastically gone up. Indian solar energy market is growing thanks to the declining cost of solar power technology, solar systems becoming more flexible. Being a greener way to make electricity, it has caused environmental enthusiasts all over the world to invest in solar panels.

Identifying a suitable location where solar panels are fast becoming a homeowner’s choice for electricity generation and then starting a solar panel dealership is a business idea with great potential. Providing solar panels and installation services at reasonable prices can not only bring in profits but also help more people adopt solar panels for power generation.

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Organic food

Organic food is becoming an important commodity that is in demand in India and all over the globe. Since more people are joining the bandwagon of healthy living organic farming products are enjoying much limelight.

According to IMARC report, Indian organic food market is expected to exhibit a CAGR of 25.25% during 2022-2027. Exports of organic products from India in 2021-22 was estimated at ₹5249.32 Crore. (Source: PIB)

Organic food dealerships in India especially in the urban regions is a profitable business idea. Stocking organic products from multiple brands after researching the demand for different products according to the location of your retail business.

Construction material

A construction material dealership is one of the best dealership business ideas in India. Buildings both residential and commercial are being erected across numerous parts of India. Establishing a construction material dealership that is close to developing regions is a chance for increased sales.

Many construction companies are also looking at making building construction more sustainable and environment friendly. Many new innovations are coming to the construction industry like fire resistant steel structures, sustainable buildings, etc. If you maintain a supply of these as a part of the dealership business, it might help bring in more customers.

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Ayurvedic medicine

People are veering towards Ayurveda for healthcare and other treatments. Many people find ayurvedic medicines more effective than common medicines. Also, these medicines are free of side effects. Ayurvedic medicines are therefore showcasing more demand in the market.

Finding a few original ayurvedic medicine brands and starting a dealership business is a great small dealership business idea. Ayurvedic skincare products are also in demand especially among women as they are all natural products absent of side effects unlike the common chemical infused skincare treatments.

Agriculture equipment

Agriculture is a primary occupation for numerous people in India especially in the rural parts of the country. Many young entrepreneurs are also getting into farming including dairy farming and poultry business.

All agriculture plantations and farms employ equipment to mechanise their production. Many farmers are increasingly using equipment to increase productivity from their crops and maintain a competitive edge.

Setting up agriculture equipment shops near agricultural areas and rural regions is a potentially lucrative business idea. You can also add an equipment repair function to the list of services to bring in more customers and add revenue.

Electric vehicle

Many citizens have adopted electric cars and electric scooters over fuel powered vehicles. Indian cities are also adopting electric buses for public transport in an attempt to make India green. Electric vehicles dealerships are quickly starting to appear on the map as the number of Indian manufacturers for electric vehicles are spiking.

Electric vehicles are a profitable business option if you find the right location to set up your enterprise. If you have a love for automobiles and can understand the technology behind them along with the business aspects of owning an automobile business, then electric vehicle dealership is a good business idea.

Dealership businesses require a significant capital investment and to become authorised dealers, you will have to sign a contract with the manufacturer. Explore each option based on your interest, budget at hand to kickstart the business and the scope of a business venture to make money.

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