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A robust logistics management system is imperative for every business to make it big. A crucial component of logistics is a door-to-door delivery service. Customers today demand a smooth and timely delivery of their products at competitive prices. Therefore, while planning the last mile delivery to your customers, always consider your door-to-door service carefully. You can find many firms fulfilling the same needs operating in the market. Make sure you choose the one that best meets your requirement


In this article, we are going to talk about what door-to-door delivery service is, its role in logistics, the advantages of door-to-door services and how to select a good doorstep courier service.

What is door-to-door delivery service?

Door-to-door delivery service refers to the process of delivery of goods from the warehouse to the point of delivery or the end customer. It is basically a shipping arrangement where the shipping company will pick up the item from the seller’s warehouse and deliver it to the customer.

However, at times it also refers to the delivery of products from the seller’s pick-up location to the transportation hub, from where it is transported to the customer’s doorstep.

The door-to-door delivery process can be summed into 4 stages:
• Pick up from origin point
• Complete necessary paperwork
• Transporting the product
• Delivery to customer’s location

What are the advantages of door-to-door delivery services?

There are several benefits of availing door-to-door delivery services. Given below are the main reasons as to why you should consider using doorstep delivery services for your business.

  • Single point of contact: Door-to-door delivery offers you a single point of contact. This means that you do not need to keep a check at every shipment transfer stage and can simply speak to your account manager or use the order tracking feature. The onus of delivering the product to the buyer’s doorstep lies with the shipping partner.
  • Insurance: Using a door-to-door courier also allows you the benefit of insurance. Hence, if goods are lost in transit or damaged, you need not have to worry. Talk to your courier services prior to making a contract to ensure that you will get insurance on your items, especially for expensive items.
  • Low costs: Door delivery service is affordable as it saves you from the expenses at every stage of the fulfilment process. All the processes starting from dispatch of products from your warehouse to the delivery of the product to the end customer, everything is done in one go. Therefore, you do not need to arrange for first-mile or last-mile delivery separately.
  • Better operations: When you outsource your logistics to a door-to-door delivery service, you do not have to invest time or effort on sorting out logistics resources and fleet management. Consequently, you can utilise this time on core business operations, research, and development, etc.
  • Ease of handling: A door-to-door courier service conveniently manages the entire process and saves you from taking care of transportation from your warehouse to the fulfillment hub and finally to the customer’s doorstep.

In most cases, third-party logistics management companies are used for door-to-door services. It’s a more economical solution and even brings efficiency to the doorstep delivery process.

Who offers door-to-door delivery service in India?

Various companies provide door-to-door services in India. Some major players are ShipRocket, Shadowfax, ShipBob, Narvar, iThink Logistics, Safexpress, etc.  These companies offer various benefits including standard shipping, guaranteed delivery, money-back policy, and express packaging. These door-to-door delivery services are equipped with multiple courier partners and a wide network channel to handle the shipments seamlessly.

In the B2B context, Tata nexarc’s nexarc Logistics offers door-to-door services across 19000+ PIN codes in India. We have partnered with trusted logistics providers in the country and offer reliable road transportation services, including partial truckload transportation for MSME business.

How should you select a door-to-door delivery service provider?

It is essential to keep a few things in mind when you choose a courier partner for your business to handle door-to-door logistics. Some of the important ones are listed below:

  • Punctuality: On time delivery plays a significant role in customer satisfaction. Always opt for a provider that abides by time in terms of faster delivery times, delivery tracking, higher security, etc.
  • Convenience: This is another factor that you should look for. Your logistics partner should ensure that the parcel reaches the right person at the right location and offers you a high level of convenience.
  • Insurance: Ensure that your door-to-door logistics provider offers insurance and security on your products.
  • Competitive pricing: Cost is again an important decisive factor. Look for a provider that provides services at a reasonable cost.
  • Technology adoption: This is the age of technology and there is no room for outdated technology in today’s logistics world. Always opt for a provider that is aware of the latest technology trends in logistics and is equipped with advanced and innovative technology for higher customer satisfaction and a better delivery success rate.
  • Good reviews: Before you hire a provider, always check that the company has a good track record. You can check for its review on platforms like Google, etc.

To sum up: Finding the best door-to-door delivery provider

Door-to-door delivery services is here to stay as it makes fulfillment and logistics much easier for businesses. In the era of eCommerce, delivery service has become a key competitive edge factor, with customers preferring to buy from brands that deliver quick, hassle-free, doorstep delivery services.

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