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E-tendering has transformed how bidders today find and apply for tenders. Whether it’s for specific categories of tenders (e.g., wine shop tenders), or tenders for authorities (e.g., NPCC tenders), or state government eProc tenders (e.g., Chhattisgarh eProcurement tender portal), government tendering has transformed at the grassroot level. As a bidder therefore, the opportunities for gram panchayat tenders are promising. Here, we will take a look at the e-tender opportunities for the Panchayati Raj in Haryana. We’ll understand how to find and apply for e tender panchayati raj Haryana, how to view documents, check eligibility, prepare a tender response, pay fees and EMD, check status of tender application and more.


E tender panchayati raj Haryana – Overview

Panchayats form an important system of local state government in India’s villages. In the state of Haryana, the village, block and zilla panchayats are tasks with several socio-economic and infrastructure development activities and projects to enable growth in rural areas. There are also several government schemes available to uplift the local people and take the state towards progress.

You can learn more about panchayati raj and rural development in Haryana from:

  • Ministry of Panchayati Raj (Haryana) official website: //
  • Rural Development Department (Government of Haryana) official website: //

Whether it is tenders for gram panchayat, block panchayat tenders or zilla panchayat tenders, the state of Haryana announces several tender opportunities for rural development for bidders to explore. These panchayati raj tenders are mostly related to waste management, sanitation work, road construction, pipeline projects, building repair and maintenance, school building construction and more.

How to find e tender panchayati raj Haryana?

With government eProcurement requirements worth an estimated ₹6,401 crores (Source: CPPP portal, November 2023), Haryana has been one of the top states for tenders. As a bidder, keen to bid for Haryana panchayati raj tenders, here’s how you can search and find the right tenders for your business:

  • Visit Tenders Haryana, the official webpage for Haryana Government e-Procurement System: //
  • Click on the tab ‘Tenders by Organisation’
  • View the tender count against Haryana Government under the Organisation Name column
  • Click on the displayed number under Tender Count
  • View the list of tenders published and check for ‘Panchayati Raj Haryana’ under Organisation Chain
  • Click on the relevant tender to view tender details

You can alternative find Haryana tenders on Tata nexarc’s Tenders section. You can also browse for tenders across different cities in Haryana to find panchayat tenders specific to cities including:

You can also do a general search for village panchayat tenders and tenders by Department of Panchayat Raj, and Zilla Parishad tenders and Zilla Panchayat tenders in Haryana and other states to find relevant government tender opportunities for your business.

Points to remember when you register and login for Tenders Haryana portal

As a prospective bidder you will have to register on the Tenders Haryana eProcurement portal first and login using your credentials to apply for Haryana panchayat tenders.

  • The process is similar to the registration and login process for Central Public Procurement portal.
  • Ensure that you map your digital signature certificate when you login for the first time. DSC once mapped to a profile cannot be mapped to another.
  • You must have an active email address and phone number as all communications and verification OTPs are sent there.
  • You can view tender notices without registration but to bid for relevant Haryana panchayat raj tenders, you must login and follow the instructions.

Panchayat raj tenders – popular types, location, and more

The Haryana e-Procurement portal has numerous tenders published by the Haryana Government on panchayat development projects. Let us take a look at some of the work categories for e tender panchayati raj Haryana, based on the zilla, block or village they are for.

E tender panchayati raj Haryana Jind

Jind is one of the 22 districts in Haryana and is one of the oldest districts. The town of Jind serves as its administrative headquarters and is known for its milk plant, cattle feed plant, grain market among others. Basic amenities like schools, hospitals and higher education institutions are also present.

Panchayati raj tender in Jind mostly include administrative and development projects. Some of the common work categories for e tender panchayat raj Haryana Jind include:

Work category/type for tenders Popular tendering authorities
·       Construction of water tank

·       Construction of gym hall

·       Establishment of e-library

·       Construction of shed for waste management etc.

·       Road/street renovation, repair and maintenance and construction

·       Building maintenance, repair and painting (e.g., school rooms renovation)

·       Haryana Government

·       Panchayati Raj Haryana

·       XEN Panchayati Raj Jind

To find relevant Jind tenders across industries, work categories, and authorities, visit us on Tata nexarc.

E tender panchayati raj Haryana Panchkula

The city of Panchkula is the district headquarters of the Panchkula district. Panchkula district has 128 gram panchayats covering 4 blocks. The district has 3 tehsils and 2 sub-tehsils.

The core role of the panchayat raj department is to provide civic amenities to the public. Some of the tender opportunities available in Panchkula are for:

Work category/type for tenders Popular tendering authorities
·       Construction of walls/boundary walls, sheds (e.g., for solid waste management), community halls and centres, bus queue shelter, etc.

·       Road and street construction

·       Construction of drinking water tanks, underground pipework/drainage work, community toilets, etc.

·       General repair, renovation and maintenance work, building painting work, etc.

·       Haryana Government

·       Panchayati Raj Haryana

·       XEN Panchayati Raj Panchkula

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E tender panchayati raj Haryana Rewari

Rewari is another of Haryana’s 22 districts. It has several cottage industries and small scale industries and auto ancillary businesses, though it is known for its brass work.

Listed below are some of the popular work categories for e tenders panchayat raj for Rewari, Haryana.

Work category/type for tenders Popular tendering authorities
·       Construction of chopal, wall/boundary wall, main gate, shed, additional rooms in village schools/buildings, halls, open gyms, community centres, etc.

·       Road and building construction, repair, renovation and maintenance

·       Construction of drains/drainage and pipeline, water tanks, toilets, installation of hand pumps, etc.

·       General administrative work, e.g., installation of bus queue shelters, etc.

·       Haryana Government

·       Panchayati Raj Haryana

·       XEN Panchayati Raj Rewari

You can also browse our Tenders section on Tata nexarc to find relevant Rewari e tenders that match your business needs.

E tender panchayati raj Haryana Sonipat

The city of Sonipat serves as the administrative headquarters of the district of Sonipat. The district has 349 villages and 6 tehsils/sub-tehsils.

Some of the work categories for which you can find e tender panchayati raj in Sonipat, Haryana are:

Work category/type for tenders Popular tendering authorities
·       Construction of sheds for solid waste management, cattle ghats, verandas, boundary walls, community centres,

·       Street/road construction, repair, maintenance and upgradation, etc.

·       Building/room/hall construction and maintenance

·       Construction of toilets, water tanks, drains, bus queue shelters, etc.

·       Haryana Government

·       Panchayati Raj Haryana

·       XEN Panchayati Raj Sonepat

·       SDE Panchayati Raj Sonipat

For a more extensive list of Sonipat tenders across authorities, industries and work categories, visit us on Tata nexarc.

E tender panchayati raj Haryana Ambala

The district of Ambala, has Ambala as its main city. It is divided into 6 blocks and 499 villages. The panchayat office is tasked with community development projects and welfare programmes.

Some of the tenders available from Panchayat Raj Ambala include work categories such as:

Work category/type for tenders Popular tendering authorities
·       Installation of tree guards in villages,

·       Construction of halls, sheds, bus stands, etc.

·       Construction of drains and pipelines, etc.

·       Road/street construction, repair, maintenance

·       Haryana Government

·       Panchayati Raj Haryana

·       XEN Panchayati Raj Ambala

·       SDE Panchayati Raj Ambala-II

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How to apply and bid for Haryana panchayati raj tenders?

As is obvious from the above section, panchayati raj tenders are announced for numerous civil and construction works. As a bidder, the first step for you would be to understand the tender requirements thoroughly and prepare a tender response strategy for tenders matching your business needs.

Consider following the steps below for bidding on e tender Panchayati Raj Haryana:

  • Browse through the Tenders Haryana eProcurement website to find suitable tenders
  • Read through the tender documents to understand eligibility, qualifications and special requirements, due dates, work experience, etc.
  • Collate the required documents and start preparing your tender response
  • Ensure all mandatory fields are filled in accurately, all required documents are attached in the said format, all fees (e.g., tender fees, EMD, tender security deposit) are paid and receipts attached
  • Ensure you review and check your application for Haryana panchayati raj tenders and click the freeze bid button to submit your bid

Note: You will receive an acknowledgement number that can be used as a reference point to learn more about the status of your application. To check the status of your tender application, click on the ‘Tenders Status’ or ‘Results of Tenders’ button for the final results.

Wrapping up

The e-tendering process in India has made it possible for small and local businesses to explore tender opportunities. Panchayati raj tenders are often low-ticket value tenders and has more flexible eligibility criteria, making it possible for small businesses to participate and get started with government tendering.