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Tenders published in Kerala are monitored by the Kerala e-Procurement portal. This portal has similar features like the Central Public Procurement Portal (CPPP) of the central government. Kerala tenders are published on the e-Procurement system of Government of Kerala and like CPPP is hosted by the National Informatics Centre.


If you are a contractor, manufacturer or a supplier looking to participate in Kerala government e-tenders then you will have to register your business on the portal to apply for tenders. The registration process will give you a login ID and password which can be used to login to the portal and find and submit bids for relevant tenders.

This article explains all about Kerala’s e-Procurement system and can be used as user manual for Kerala e-Tenders.

Note: There are other state government portals (e.g., Karnataka eProcurement portal, Mahatenders portal, etc.) where bidders/suppliers can find tenders by state effectively. You can also check Local Self Government Department tenders in Kerala to find local tenders in the state.

How to register on Kerala e-Procurement system?

The Kerala tender platform follows the same registration process as CPPP.

  • Go to Kerala e-Procurement platform (
  • Click on the ‘Online bidder enrolment’ hyperlink located just under the login button
  • Fill in the form that appears
  • Click on ‘Submit’

Like the CPPP, Kerala tender portal has also mandated businesses to purchase a Class III Digital Signature Certificate from a registered certifying authority.

Once you create Kerala e-Procurement login credentials, the next step is to link your e-Procurement account to your registered DSC.

  • Insert the drive that contains your DSC into your computer
  • Login to the Kerala e-Procurement portal with your login credentials
  • Click on the ‘Sign in Certificate’
  • Click on the required DSC from the list of certificates that appear under the ‘Digital Signature: Signing’ box. These certificates are sourced from the drive you have inserted in the computer.
  • Click on ‘Ok’
Note: Make sure you have installed the latest JAVA software in your system before linking DSC to your e-Procurement account. If you have doubts about getting a DSC click on the ‘Information about DSC’ button on the homepage located on the right side.  This page has detailed FAQs including a downloadable file containing the names of certified vendors, who you can approach for getting a DSC for your business.

How to find tenders on Kerala e-Procurement portal?

Anyone can search for and download tenders on the Kerala e-Procurement portal even if he/she isn’t a registered user. There are three ways to search for tenders on the portal:

  • Search for tenders by organisation, classification and location

Once you visit the website the homepage itself will have a display of latest tenders. You can expand your search by clicking on ‘Tenders by Organisation’, ‘Tenders by Classification’ and ‘Tenders by Location’.

For example: when you select ‘Tenders by Location’ you can type a city or location (e.g., Kochi) in the search bar to find tenders in Kerala by city – Kochi. These options are given on the left-hand side of the homepage.

  • Main search option

There is a search option that is given on the homepage in the header. Clicking on that will take you to advanced search where you can filter your tender search options. You can filter you search according to Tender type (e.g., open tenders, closed tenders), Tender ID, Tender reference number, Tender category, Product category, etc.

Just entering a few of these filters or even one filter would be enough to give you search results.

  • Log in and search

Log in with your credentials and click on ‘Search for active tenders’ option. You will get advanced search options same as the main search option on the homepage of the portal.

Alternatively, you can subscribe to private e-Tendering portals like Tenders on Tata nexarc to get latest tender updates that are relevant to your business.

How to submit a bid on the Kerala e-Procurement portal?

As mentioned earlier you need to be registered on the portal to participate in bidding. Follow these steps to submit a bid on Kerala’s government tender website:

  • Log in to the e-Tender portal
  • Click on the ‘Search’ option and search for new tenders. A list of tenders appears on the page with a view button next to each tender invite.
  • Click on the ‘View’ button of a tender that you wish to participate in. This will take you to tender details with bidding documents.
  • Read the bidding documents and tender details thoroughly
  • List down the documents required and put all these documents in a folder in your computer to access them easily during bid submission
  • Click on ‘Proceed with bid submission’
  • Check the ‘Agree’ box after reading the terms and conditions and click on ‘Next’. This will lead you to a page where you will be asked to enter tenderer details like name, address, phone number etc.
  • Click on ‘Next’ once you finish filling out the form. This will take you to a page which asks you if you are exempted from paying tender fee and EMD. If you click on ‘Yes’ you will be asked to submit documents to prove the exemption
  • Click on ‘Next’. A page will be displayed indicating the total amount to be paid for participating in the tender by adding the tender fee amount and the EMD amount
  • Click on the ‘Encrypt and upload’ button. This option will land you on a page where you upload all your documents. Locate two large folder shaped buttons under the label ‘Tender covers’. One folder is for technical documents while the other is for financial documents.
  • Tap on ‘Click here to upload’ under each folder. A list of documents will appear along with an upload symbol next to it. Clicking on this will allow you to upload documents from your computer.
  • Wait for a dialog box to appear which says, ‘All documents submitted successfully’.
  • Check for a green tick mark under the folder symbol after uploading the documents. This confirms all your documents have been uploaded successfully.
  • Click ‘Next’ for payment options

How to check tender status on Kerala e-Procurement portal?

The process to check the status of a tender is similar to that of the CPP portal. Once you submit the bids you can check for the status of the bids on the procurement portal. Follow these steps to check the status of a Kerala tender:

  • Login to Kerala e-Tendering portal
  • Click on Tender status on the homepage. The tenders you have applied for will be displayed.
  • Click on the button labeled status to go to the details of the tender. The below table appears on the screen
Tender Status
Stages Status Summary
Process 1
Technical bid opening View
Technical evaluation View
Process 2
Financial bid opening View
Financial evaluation View
AOC (Award of Contract) View


  • Click on ‘View’ button next to each process to see details about the bidding.

Note: A green tick mark under the status column means that the process is done, and you will be able to view the corresponding document.

In the bid opening document, you will find the bidders for the tender and which tender won the technical bid. The tender evaluation document will give you a reason why they rejected/accepted the tender.

Both Kerala LSGD tenders and Kerala PWD tenders are published on the e-Procurement system. Register on the Kerala e-Tendering portal to access all Kerala tenders and participate in the easy and paperless bidding process.

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