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Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL) is a government run organisation in the petroleum segment. Being a PSU, the company fulfills its procurement requirements through e-Tenders and also emphasises giving business to deserving MSEs (micro and small enterprise). On this background, HPCL tenders are important to bid for from the MSME’s point of view. Here is how you can HPCL tenders and the process of application. Let’s begin with the procurement plan of the company.


HPCL procurement plan

Every year, HPCL publishes the MSE Procurement Target and an annual procurement plan of the company. In the MSE Procurement plan, HPCL reveals the target for the total annual procurement in value and also plans for procurement to be done from MSEs. For example, for the financial year 2022-23, the HPCL planned to procure was worth ₹10110.69 crore, out of which the company had planned to procure goods and services worth ₹2527.67 crore from MSEs.

Moreover, HPCL also announces an annual plan for goods and services procured in the previous financial year. This may give you an idea about the kinds of goods and services HPCL procures. Apart from engineering products and services, HPCL also procures items such as office furniture, office supplies, lighting components, telecom, signages, uniforms for employees and so on. Additionally, HPCK regularly releases tenders to fulfil its transportation needs. Therefore, even if you are not in the engineering or petroleum related industry, your business still has a chance of winning a tender from HPCL.

How to search for HPCL tenders?

HPCL floats tender notices for online tenders (e-Tenders) as well as offline tenders. HPCL releases different types of tenders such as public tenders, limited tenders and so on. You can visit the procurement website of HPCL for looking for tenders. Alternatively, you can also directly go to the log-in page of HPCL e-tendering

Click on Public Tenders to view all open tenders that the HPCL has floated.

Simultaneously, if you click on e-Tenders to apply for tenders online. You can log in with your credentials to apply for e-Tenders. If you are a new user on HPCL e-Tender portal, you can click on ‘New Users Click here for temporary registration’.

In order to access the limited tenders from HPCL, you will need to enter 8-digit vendor code and 5-digit HPCL location code.

Easy to way to search for an HPCL tender is through e-Tendering services portals such as tenders subscription services on Tata nexarc. You can subscribe for receiving information on tenders relevant to your business and get daily updates.

How to apply for an HPCL tender?

  • Once you spot an HPCL tender relevant to your business, read the tender notice carefully. The tender notice format will have various sections including brief information about the project, scope of work, important dates, documents required, tender fees, earnest money deposit and so on.
  • Firstly, read the entire tender notice carefully. Make a note of how the bid has to be submitted and the timeliness.
  • For online bid submission, you will need to have a Class III digital signature certificate (DSC)
  • In a few cases, HPCL may ask you to submit bids in the physical format. For the physical submission of documents in the HPCL’s office, you will need to determine the location of submission and timelines. If the location is not in the same city as yours, you will need to consider courier time too.
  • Verify the eligibility criteria and determine your organisation fit in. It is of utmost importance to meet these criteria, else the bid is disqualified. Also, check the list of documents required and collate them.
  • Also, check whether consortium or joint ventures are acceptable. Organisations such NSIC as help MSMEs to form a consortium to win tenders.
  • HPCL e-Tendering process generally requires you to drop the original receipt of EMD deposit in a dropbox located at the specified office location. The digital tender has to be submitted on time, while the original receipt of the EMD also has to be dropped on time for your bid to be qualified.
  • In many cases, HPCL e-tendering process also involves reverse auction (RA). In this case, HPCL displays the ‘Start Bid price’.
  • Fill in the bid form carefully and ensure you are attaching all the required documents in the specified format mentioned in the tender notice.
  • Generally, HPCL requests the bids to be submitted in two steps – unpriced bids and priced bids. Unpriced bids contain duly filled forms and supporting documents while priced bids contain pricing details.

Important notes while filling in HPCL tenders

  • In case of any technical queries, write to or call on 022-41146666 or +91 7710911191. The helpdesk is available from Monday to Saturday between 8am to 8pm.
  • If you have any tender related queries, the contact details of the relevant officers are mentioned in each tender notice.
  • Unpriced bids should not contain any pricing information. In case HPCL finds pricing details in the unpriced bids, the bid is immediately rejected.
  • If you are a DPIIT certified startup, check for startups eligibility criteria.

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Closing remarks

Participating in tenders is important from the perspective if business growth. However, you need to be careful while participating in any tendering process. Each HPCL tender is unique. It may have different eligibility criteria and documents will be asked in accordance. Therefore, check the tender notice carefully and determine if your company is eligible before proceeding.

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