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    Table of Contents

    Fire safety tenders are bid openings that invite companies to undertake fire safety projects for buildings like installation of firefighting equipment, fire detection system, fire alarm system, etc. Finding suitable government firefighting tenders would mean a great opportunity for your fire equipment or fire services business.


    Multiple fire incidents are being reported in India daily. This has caused an increased awareness for fire safety in the government. This has led to them installing fire safety equipment and taking other fire safety measures for all government buildings.

    These requirements are usually put out in the form of a government tender published either on the Central Public Procurement Portal or the . State governments publish fire tender requirements on their respective websites as well (e.g., Karnataka state tenders, tenders in Maharashtra state, etc.)

    Examples of fire tenders

    Here are some examples of fire safety tenders floated by central and state government on different government tender websites:

    • Installation of firefighting and safety system at NSRY – Karnataka government tender
    • Development of firefighting system for Haryana State Industrial Development Corporation
    • Installation of firefighting and fire detection system for Uttar Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation Limited
    • Consultancy services for preparation of DPR for installation of firefighting and safety system in service tunnel of NSRY – Karnataka government tender
    • Supply of Nitrogen Injection Fire Protection System (NIFPS) including erection and civil works required for various sub-stations comes under Transmission (W&M) Circle, KPTCL – Karnataka government tender
    • Construction of structures for Fire Outpost building, SISF accommodation along with Area development, Electrification and Firefighting system in CBM Asset, Bokaro
    • Development of fire protection system for Kerala Industrial Technical Consultancy Organization Limited – Karnataka government tender
    • Provision of fire alarm and fire suppression system at MSSR station – Karnataka government tender

    Given above are the most common types of fire tenders floated by the Government of India. Fire protection system tenders in India is gaining popularity with increasing number of fire incidents in the country.

    Documents required for applying for fire tenders

    All applications require some common tender documents to be submitted like the work experience certificates, Board resolution of company, GST certificate copy, audited balance sheet and Profit & Loss A/c Statement etc. There are also specific documents that are required according to the nature of the tender project. These documents prove your tender eligibility and if you submit all documents in the correct format you have improved chances at winning the tender.

    For better understanding of the documents required for fire tenders, let us consider an example of a firefighting tender published on e-Wizard:

    Tender invitation: Operation and maintenance service for firefighting and fire detection system installed at IGL Bhawan & IGL Stores


    • Technical Bidder Eligibility Criteria (BEC): The bidder should have experience of successful execution of at least one single order value operation and maintenance services of firefighting equipment of value of ₹23.42 lakhs during the preceding 7 years reckoned from the date of floating of tender.
    • Financial BEC:
    1. The bidder should have achieved a turnover of ₹46.84 lakh during any one of the preceding 3 financial years.
    2. The net worth of the bidder should be positive for the preceding financial year.
    3. The working capital of the bidder should not be less than ₹9.37 lakh in the preceding financial year.

    Specific documents required

    List of documents to be submitted for compliance to technical requirements:

    • PO/Contract copies with clear scope of work along with Completion certificates (which must include the purchase order/work order number with total executed value and execution period)
    • Certificate(s) from statutory auditors/Chartered Accountant certifying the list of past orders and their values executed by bidder along with all necessary supporting documents.

    List of documents to be submitted for compliance to financial requirements:

    • Audited financial reports including balance sheets and Profit & Loss statements for last 3 financial years
    • Bank letter for Line of Credit in case of inadequate working capital

    Other documents required for the tender application:

    Document Name       Document Description
    1. EMD/Bid Security EMD/Bid Security (BG/DD/Banker’s Cheque/Online payment, or valid exemption certificate)
    2. Bid Signatory PoA/

    Board Resolution

    Power of attorney of the signatory to the bid offer on non-judicial stamp paper/Board resolution of company for authorized signatory
    3. Form-1 with supporting


    Form-1: Bidder’s general information as per provided format along

    with copy of all supporting documents mentioned in the form

    4. Form-2 Deviation form Deviation form as per provided format
    5. Form-3 and 4 work

    Experience certificates

    Certificate from statutory auditor/chartered engineer for details of similar goods / work / services supplied / done during past 7 years as per provided format


    6. Form-5 Financial

    capability certificate

    Certificate for financial capability of the bidder as per provided

    format. In case bidder’s working capital is lower than that required as per Tender BEC, letter from bidder’s bank showing availability of line of credit to cover inadequacy of working capital to be attached as per Annexure-2 of tender document


    7. Form-6 Declaration letter Declaration as per provided format
    8. Form-7 Tender


    Declaration of tender document acceptance as per provided


    9. Form-8 Letter from

    statutory auditor/CA

    Letter from Statutory Auditor/CA /CE as per provided format
    10. Form-9 Authority Letter

    for Attendance

    Letter of authority in favour of any one or two of Bidder’s executives having authority to attend the techno-commercial and price bid opening
    11. Form-10 Litigation details Details of litigation, if any


    12. Declaration

    for bid security

    Declaration for bid security as per proforma at Annexure-1 of tender document
    13. Documents against

    technical BEC

    As stated in the Specific documents required sections
    14. Documents against

    financial BEC

    As stated in the Specific documents required sections


    15. Corrigenda and other


    Copy of all addenda/corrigenda, if any, along with required documents as stated therein, duly signed and stamped.


    The Forms and Annexures can be found in the tender document that you downloaded. For other declarations and letter specified there will be a prescribed format which is usually given in the annexures.

    How to find the list of tender documents required?

    Before finding the documents required you need to know the latest tender announcements. Numerous tenders are announced by government departments and PSUs. To stay updated on the latest tender notices, you should:

    • Register on the government tender portals including e-Procurement system and GeM portal for tender information
    • Login to the eProcurement portal
    • Click on latest tenders and search for tenders by entering one relevant field and captcha to give you a list of relevant tenders
    • Select the relevant tender and view tender details
    • Click the link given to view more details including tender type (e.g., open tender), tender category, EMD fees, work item details, and tender documents and download the bid document

    Register on a reliable tender website for regular alerts on relevant tenders. A subscription to Tata nexarc’s Tenders & Quotations can get you email/SMS alerts on relevant tenders for your business.